Marvel's Jessica Jones Main Title Sequence

Design, Illustration

Nominated for the 68th Emmy Awards for Outstanding Main Title Design

2016 Promax BDA Gold Winner for Art Direction & Design: Program Open/Titles

Produced at Imaginary Forces

Creative Director: Michelle Dougherty

Lead Designer: Arisu Kashiwagi

Lead Animators: Thomas McMahan, Eric Demeusy

Designers: Joan Lau, Robin Roepstorff, Joseph Ahn, Wes Yang, Kris Fortin, Charles Khoury

Design Intern: Jacob Ferguson

Illustrators: David Mack, Arisu Kashiwagi

Editors: Michael Radtke, Danielle White

Flame Artist: Rod Basham

Director of Photography: Dan Kanes

Photographers: Sean Dougherty, Sidney Prawatyotin

Executive Producer: Ben Apley

Producer: Keith Bryant

Coordinator: Nicole Zschiesche

Design and illustrations for Netflix's Original Series Jessica Jones Main Title Sequence. We see through the point of view of Jessica Jones, a Marvel detective superhero who suffers from PTSD and alcoholism after committing murder under Kilgrave's control. Her blurry visions are materialized through voyeuristic vignettes in NYC's Hell's Kitchen, painted and smeared over by brushstrokes that dissolve all delineations between subject and background. When coming up with the style and art direction, I was heavily inspired by Edward Hopper and Gerhard Richter whose work personally influenced me during my years of training in oil painting.