Moncler Genius 2019-2020 Digital Campaign

Creative Direction, Live Action Direction, Design

Creative direction and live action direction for Moncler Genius's 2019-2020 Digital video and stills campaign. My role as a director was to lead the project from its inception to finish: concept, design, live action shoot, original score, and post production. 

Moncler Genius is a collaborative project with 11 fashion designers who launched collections individually re-interpreting the Moncler DNA. The campaign highlights 11 unique looks representing each collection, disembodied, and dreamily walking through a dark, abstract space. Green screen covered bodies were removed and missing parts were recreated in VFX -- all except for Pringle the Frenchie, featured in Poldo dog couture. 

director + designer: arisu kashiwagi

Talent Agency: MA+Creative

executive producer: Dan cingari

producer: Josh sondock

assistant director: eliza hoyland

Director of Photography: Sy Turnbull


Post Production company: Method Studios

Post Production CD & Lead: John Likens + Randie Swanberg

post production producers: Hayley Wallach + LUKE PROCTOR

VFX Lead: Ivan Guerrero

VFX Artists: Chris Sonia + Chris Hunt

vfx managing director: stuart robinson

Editor: Kevin Matuszewski

Animator: Keri Moeller

Color: Jamie O’Bradovich (Company 3)

Original Music: Felt, Not Heard