Warrior Main Title Sequence

Design, Art direction

Produced at Method Studios

Creative Director: John Likens

lead design: Arisu kashiwagi

Art Director: arisu kashiwagi, Wesley Ebelhar

Design and Animation: John Likens, Wesley Ebelhar, Nan Wei

CG Artists: Jeongyeon Son, David Derwin

Executive Producer:  Adrienne Mitchell

Producer:  Emily Schaeberle

Lead Design and Art direction for Cinemax’s Warrior (2019) main title sequence. This design direction represents a modern take on the graphic novel. Using a controlled color palette, gritty textures, and high contrast, the look is inspired by retro Kung-fu posters. Dynamic compositions feature close ups of rim-lit figures in combat as brush strokes animate to accentuate their motion. The camera moves seamlessly through vignettes of Chinatown from the daytime street into its dark underbelly.